The cost of the perfect prom night can be steep, but parents say it's worth it

The cost of the perfect prom night can be steep, but parents say it's worth it

Boom Babies in the Westcott Neighborhood of Syracuse is stocked for prom season.

It brought Jessica Draper and her mom Nancy out from Carthage.

"We're just out and like, shopping for my dress. A lot of options and stuff out here than what they have at home," said the high school senior.

We met her when she already had the perfect dress picked out for her prom.

"Hugs my hips and stuff. Just makes me feel really good about my body, and I just love how it sparkles," said Draper.

She plans to get her hair, nails and makeup all professionally-done.

Her mom says, it's pricey.

"Just under $1000 dollars, with everything," said Draper, "dress, hair, nails, makeup, all of that. Yeah it gets pricey but the prices were really good here!"

At this store, prices are designed with every budget in mind.

Brittany Oliveira says you can splurge here on something silky, sparkly for up to $800 dollars, but that's not the norm.

"$300, $400 is the bulk range, but you can definitely get something great for under $200 dollars," said Oliveira," We buy tons of different sizes and tons of different things so that you can come in, try it on, figure it out that it's gonna work, and then leave with it right from here."

Cost aside, moms like Nancy say seeing their child all dressed up and celebrating with their friends is worth it.

"I'm looking forward to her, looking at her at knowing this is her last dance and just enjoying, just taking it in," said Draper.

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