The history behind an iconic food of the NYS Fair

Pizze Fritte

Pizze Fritte is a favorite food at the New York State Fair.

If you've never tried it, it's not a typical pizza. It's even spelled differently. It's fried dough with sugar on top. It's long and it has a deep history at the New York State Fair.

"Back in 1960 my father started the fried dough," Grazzi Zazzara said. "Nobody knew what fried dough was. He lost money here for a few years and then it started picking up."

Before sales starting picking up, the main focus was on getting the word out.

"It's funny my father had signs up when he first opened (they said), "It's new it's different, it's Pizze Fritte," he said.

The Pizza Fritte is still made at the fairgrounds in the Villa's iconic triangle shaped building. While it's moved, it's the same building where the business started decades ago. Grazi Zazzara is the owner and says they use their own special recipe, a recipe they are not giving out.

"I'd have to kill you," he jokes.

Jokes aside, he says everything they make is fresh. He says they change their oil every day. He won't say how much fried dough they sell every year. Just that they keep selling more.

"Once you taste the Pizze Fritte you're hooked," he said. "You can come here for $15 and you've got a bag that will feed your whole family."

Decades after his father's creation, long lines are a sign of all the success they've had. Fried Dough is an established tradition that generations of fairgoers have come to love.

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