'The lake is angry and it's not happy now;' Powerful waves on Lake Ontario

Neighbors concerned about gusty winds and massive waves along shoreline of Lake Ontario

PULASKI, NY -- Communities along Lake Ontario are gearing up again as more severe weather hits them hard.

This comes as Governor Cuomo urged boaters to stay off the water due to dangerous conditions. 100 national guard members have been deployed to potential impacted regions Saturday night.

Powerful winds and massive waves like these make it unpredictable to live along Lake Ontario.

It was a different scene on Friday, calm with not a ripple in the lake. Now waves with great strength, pushing this trailer out from its spot along the shoreline.

"I thought we were just pull ahead of it and as you can see with these waves security team and they advised us to pull the camper off and possibly to evacuate the front line here at Brennan's Beach," Amy Bernys,

Enormous waves continued to crash down on the properties that sit along the shoreline. Saturday morning there was a paved road you could walk on, but just hours later, half of it was washed away by the waves.

Julie Valentine has been here for eight summers and its the worst she's seen it.

A sidewalk used to line the beach outside her home but parts are no longer there.

"It is very scary I've got a spotlight and nights like this I'll be out with my spotlight, every hour looking because one night when we lost our yard I found my neighbors flagpole in the pit," added Justine Valentine.

As the waves continued to pound on these properties, its a waiting game for homeowners as the hope to get some relief from the intense weather.

"The lake is ever-changing and that's what it is right now," said William Sacco, who rents a camper along the shoreline at Brennan's Beach RV Resort.

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