The latest in Cortland boy's fight to play field hockey with the girls team

Sam and Greg Forrester sit in their living room as they listen to a conference call with Section III.

For the third time in three years, Sam Forrester sat in his living room listening to a Section Three conference call where his school Athletic Director fought for his right to play field hockey-with the girls team.

"Every time I go into one of these meetings I, I try to be optimistic and I try to hope for something different for the truth to really come forward about my skills and everything," said the high school senior.

But, Sam says he's frustrated after hearing again that his playing on the team will have significant adverse affects on the girls.

The Cortland Enlarged City School District has submitted paperwork outlining his skills-which they say are on par with the other athletes.

"Just ask them to please define significant adverse affects so that we can have a conversation about what the facts are rather than us just shooting in the dark," said Forrester.

We caught up with Sam at practice in August-he says the team is a second family.

"In some areas if you choose a separate gender identification you can actually play on those other teams without going through this process. But yet here we have a young man following the process, going through and saying, 'I just want to play.' " explained his father Greg Forrester.

Sam is a senior-and the season is short. The appeals process may keep Sam out of games-but he wants to help others who come after him.

We did reach out to Section Three-they say they don't comment on individual cases.

"I hope that someday we allow people to be athletes and to cooperate together on a team rather than to be separated out into different categories," said Forrester.

Section Three will now have five school days to get back to Sam about their decision, which if it's a no means he can't even practice with the team.

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