The 'other' Michael Rotondo speaks up

This Michael Rotondo is from the Albany area and lives in California.

The 15 minutes of fame for Michael Rotondo of Camillus has turned into a bit of a headache for people with the same name, and it is worse for one who is also from Upstate New York with the same age.

"I woke up. My buddy sends me a link for a BBC article saying 'Haha this is funny are you getting sued by your parents?' I was like " Haha that is funny especially that is the same name, same spelling same age,'" Micahel Rotondo from the Albany area said. "My inbox has been filled with many people laughing at me. Basically saying 'Poor Mike.'"

This Michael Rotondo has the same spelling and is about the same age, but he is from the Albany area.

"Being from Upstate New York with the same spelling of the name, being the same age and accidentally coincidentally, happen to be looking for a place. It has been a crazy crazy ride," Rotondo said.

When the family drama in Camillus went viral, friends and family of the other Michael Rotondo reached out. One even suggested starting an online fundraiser, Rotondo shot that down.

"It has been a fun trip with a good story to tell. Um no, my parents have actually been very supportive of me so, I'm not getting sued by my parents," Rotondo added. " I love my parents immensely. Again I have not been sued by my parents."

This Michael Rotondo is now in California with the support of his parents and is looking for a place to live.

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