'The scariest killer' - Watson family speaks after Pieper sentenced

The Watson family speaks to the media Tuesday morning

The family of Jenni-Lyn Watson is speaking out for the first time about Steven Pieper's sentencing and the legacy they hope Jenni-Lyn leaves behind.

"She brought everybody together, and she was always happy," says Jenni-Lyn's mother, Jackie Watson. "When she was in down, in five minutes, she would get herself out of it, and I think people want to live that way."

Her sister, Lauren, says her sister was the type of person who would always help people.

"The advice she has given me helps me and will continue to help me even though she's not here anymore," says Lauren.

The Watsons also spoke about Steven Pieper, the estranged boyfriend who they now call "the scariest killer."

"He's the scariest killer because of the mask he would wear in our presence to not allow us to see his true self," says Jenni-Lyn's father, David Watson. "There were times it was laughable, but we never thought he'd go to this ultimate act."

The Watsons also expressed gratitude to all the people who helped during this time, including the District Attorney's office, the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department, friends, family members, and the community.

The Watsons say the best way to help them during this time is to donate to a foundation they established in Jenni-Lyn's memory. To donate, click here.

Click on the video player above to watch the complete news conference with the Watson family.

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