The 3 big mistakes you're making that drain your phone battery

The three big mistakes you're making that drain your phone battery (CNYCentral Photo)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSTM) - At Cell Phones for Less in Syracuse, manager Amanda Shelley said besides repairs, people come in for two big reasons.

"Batteries, charger ports. That's top two," Shelley said.

The batteries are dying halfway through the day, and are in need of a charge.

More than half of the adult population has a smart phone, so what's causing the constant draining?

Shelley said the big ones are those helpful e-companions, Siri and Google Voice.

"They listen for you to like, 'hey Siri,' or 'hey Google,' so if you go into your settings and turn it off only while using the app, that saves 90 percent of your battery throughout the day," Shelley said.

Other charge-killers are apps constantly running in the background like Facebook and Snapchat.

Shelley said its not enough to double-click your home button and swipe the apps away. They're still technically running.

"If you go into your settings in an iPhone for example, go to your applications, click on the app and just turn it on to where it says to 'while using app,' so that way it's not consistently running in the background."

Shelley said she sees more iPhone than Android users coming in with these problems.

The last big mistake are those personal touches you add to your phone.

"Screensavers, wallpapers, live wallpapers like, runs the battery low," she said. "Brightness of screensavers runs battery low so keeping a dim or dark background, that saves battery life too."

Aside from those three big mistakes you could be making, your charger could be a problem too.

Shelley said you shouldn't use an off-brand charger, and get one from your phone manufacturer.

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