Tim Green sits down with NBC3, talks huge response to 'Tackle ALS'

Tim Green and his son, Troy, sat down with NBC3’s Matt Mulcahy Tuesday afternoon (CNYCentral).

In the two days since Tim Green revealed on 60 Minutes that he has ALS, he has received hundreds of emails and messages of support from friends and strangers.

Tim Green and his son, Troy, sat down with NBC3’s Matt Mulcahy Tuesday afternoon to talk about the outpouring of support from Central New York.

“One of the big things I love is the people,” said Green. “We're tough, we're fair, we're loving. It's a great place. That's why I stayed here.”

Green, who now lives in Skaneateles, told CNYCentral while response this week has been uplifting, his spirits were already high.

“When you have as much as I do – and I don't mean material things – but my kids, my wife, two grand kids on the way – my legs, my hands, even though they are depleted, my mind, my law partners, my book I count up all the things I'm grateful for."

The former NFL player and football star of Syracuse University and Liverpool High School was diagnosed with ALS in 2016.

Just two days after going live with a fundraising effort for a cure, Green's initiative, Tackle ALS, has raised more than $1 million.

You can donate to TackleALS here. Some large scale donors got the ball rolling, but Troy Green points out ever dollar counts. "If everyone in the country gives a dollar this whole thing, we're not having this discussion right now. ALS is a manageable disease."

Tuesday on NBC3 at 11 p.m., Tim and Troy Green reveal who convinced who about the right way to fight and raise awareness for ALS.

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