Tips on how to put the brakes on tire thieves

Tips on how to put the brakes on tire thieves

We didn't believe it until we saw it, in less than a minute a tire on your car could be stolen.

"Living in Liverpool, I never thought about getting locking lugnuts," Aleesha Bowles said.

Bowles woke up one morning to find her brand new Toyota Camry had been targeted.

“My jaw I don’t think my jaw could fully drop as far as it needed to see my two-month-old car on cinder blocks and the one cinder block doing all the damage to my car that it did," Bowles said.

She quickly learned she wasn't the only victim.

"I was the third hit in Liverpool they told me last week, and they hit four more cars in Camillus after mine last week," Bowels said.

"I had neighbors come over and tell me they had this happen to them a couple years ago, so it’s definitely becoming a common thing around springtime," she added.

She filed a report with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office, but no arrests have been made.

A spokesman tells me deputies see this happen every year.

Dave at Felhman Brothers in Syracuse showed us how quickly he could remove two tires from a parked car.

Unlike Dave, thieves don't care if they damage your vehicle.

"The cinder block broke, it landed on my front brakes damaging my rotors and my back brakes too," Bowels said.

Tools placed on her trunk left scratches in the paint. The cinder blocks left dents and damage underneath. Bowels needed four new tires as well.

Experienced mechanic Stephen Fuller says in one purchase car owners can discourage thieves.

Locking lug nuts either discourage or at least slow down the process of stealing them.

“The tools are going to fit on everyone except the locking lug nut. It is so tight in there you can’t hammer anything around it. They’re going to see this and move on to the next vehicle," Stephen Fuller said.

He recommends one on each tire. Fuller also suggests buying the lug nuts from a dealership because each kit is unique.

"A kit for dodge a kit for Chevy a kit for Toyota there’s no way they’re going to carry this crap around," Fuller said.

Bowels hopes sharing her story will encourage others to do what she just did.

"I never thought about getting locking lug nuts on my sedan. I never had this nice of wheels but, it’s about a $10 to $20 investment and I’m definitely going to be doing it," she added.

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