Top ten type weather to enjoy the outdoors today. How about the holiday weekend?

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Good morning! Here is what you need to know before you go.

Just about everyone has clear skies this morning. There is only some isolated localized deeper valley fog. If you are in one of those localized areas, the fog will burn off later this morning. Everyone else should have plenty of sunshine this morning. There is a wide range of temperatures early this morning. Most of central New York should have numbers between 46 and 50 at sunrise. The coldest countryside will be in the upper 30s to middle 40s. Numbers should rise rapidly into the upper 60s by the end of the morning.

For the afternoon, sunshine will continue. It will be a top ten type day. Expect a late afternoon high temperature in middle to upper 70s across most of our area. However, closer to Lake Ontario, high temperatures will likely stop between 63 and 68.

I have attached a video forecast showing an hour-by-hour progression of today’s weather place-by-place across central New York that will show the difference in high temperatures today, plus your boating forecast.

Temperatures will get even warmer for Friday and Saturday. Both Friday and Saturday will feature temperatures that will be well above average. In fact, Saturday’s forecast high temperature will be close to a record level. The record high for Saturday (May 26th) is 90 set back in 2011.

Friday should be dry with sunshine and some cloudiness. New information about the holiday weekend continues to show a mainly dry forecast for Saturday with only a small chance for a hit or miss type widely isolated t-storm. There is a much higher probability for scattered showers and thunderstorms to be in and out of our area for Sunday and Monday.

I have attached another video forecast showing new information about the holiday weekend.

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