Total Lunar Eclipse tonight, we MAY see it

A total lunar eclipse will happen tonight, into early Monday morning. Whether we can see it here in Central NY will depend on our cloud cover

A total eclipse of the moon is set to happen late Sunday night, and if the clouds clear there's a chance you can see it over Central New York.

It's called the Super Blood Wolf Full Moon....Native Americans call the January full moon the Wolf Moon, Blood because the eclipse turns the moon coppery red, and Super because the moon is closer to earth during this full moon and looks bigger.

The eclipse starts before midnight tonight and goes til early Monday morning. IF there are no lake effect clouds, it should be spectacular to watch.
Baltimore Woods, in Marcellus, has a watch party planned starting at 9pm but is hedging--because of the wintry weather on whether to cancel. Here's a website to check for updates:

UPDATE: Baltimore Woods' Star Party IS on, $9: Total Lunar Eclipse program scheduled for tonight from 9-12:30pm WILL take place. If you decide to brave the storm please be sure to dress in lots of warm layers. We will be taking frequent warm-up breaks in our cars

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