Town calls for old Cinema North to be fixed or torn down within next 60 days

The Town of Salina board has called for old Cinema North to be fixed or torn down within next 60 days. (Brett Hall/CNYCentral.)

Property owners of a decaying cinema are now under a hard deadline to make their eyesore disappear.

The old Cinema North has sat vacant for more than 20 years. In our report highlighting the Mattydale eyesore last week photographs submitted to CNYCentral showed the neglect. Last year, a report ordered by the Town of Salina concluded the building was unsafe, uninhabitable and structurally unsound.

The town board sent a message Monday that if the building is not stable or demolished in 60 days, the town may just take the decaying building down themselves.

"This is our last resort. We don't like to do this until we have no other choices," says Town Supervisor Mark Nicotra. "What this does is set a demolition plan going forward."

The owner of the property, Berkley Properties LLC, tells CNYCentral they intend to take the building down.

The cinema sits at the rear of the K-Mart plaza off Brewerton Road in Mattydale. It was built and opened in 1965 before closing 35 years later in 1990.

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