Time is up, town looks to hire demo company to take down Cinema North

Cinema North is owned by Berkley Properties, LLC who continues to say they will be taking the building down themselves. (Brett Hall/CNY Central)

The Town of Salina board has turned up the heat on the property owner of Cinema North to either fix up, or tear down the dilapidated property.

Back in May, the town sent a letter to Berkley Properties, LLC, the owner of Cinema North, saying that if the building is not stable or demolished in 60 days, the town may just take the decaying building down themselves. Since the letter was sent, no sign of work has been seen at Cinema North.

On Thursday, Onondaga County released bid documents in a search for demolition contractors to tear down the old movie house, as well as two other residential properties in the town.

"There was a deadline set up, and we are moving forward with the process because we are serious about taking care of these properties," said Mark Nicotra, R-Salina Town Supervisor. "We are going to follow through on what we start."

The bid documents obtained by indicate sealed bids by interested contractors are due by August 3rd. The fine print reads that the "the pricing for each demolition must be independent, since Town cannot guarantee that all, or any, will actually proceed."

If the town goes through with the demolition, taxpayers will pay the cost up-front and the bill will be tacked on to Cinema North's property tax bill.

Michael Silberberg, with Berkley Properties, is committed to taking the eyesore down without the town needing to step in.

"We are currently finalizing plans with our own contractors," said Silberberg when reached by phone last week. "We should have a crew over there in the next few weeks."

Silberberg wouldn't commit to a take down date, but Nicotra believes he will do what he said.

"With Cinema North we think [the property owner is] going to end up [demolishing] it," Nicotra said. "We are just keeping the process going because you just never know."

The cinema sits at the rear of the K-mart plaza off Brewerton road in Mattydale. Very visible from I-81.

A report ordered by the Salina codes office in 2016 concluded the building is unsafe, uninhabitable and structurally unsound. Several code violations have been issued for the structure's unsecured entrances.

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