Toys R Us closures bring another hit to Great Northern Mall, shoppers

This could signal the beginning of the end of retail

The biggest toy retailer in the country is closing most of its doors to the public, and many are feeling nostalgic.

Customers showed up to the Great Northern Mall location today to get those last minute deals before the store closes for good.

Even with mixed feelings, there's one thing they can all agree on: times are changing.

" It's probably going to be a lot of online. It's pretty disappointing actually," said shopper Bill Dohl.

"I do have children, but as everybody else does, I do shop online, which is convenient," Cara Schute, another shopper, said.

So, could this really be the beginning of the end of retail?

At Great Northern Mall, what used to be the ultimate shopping destination, Toys R Us is just one more chain to add to the list of stores closing there.

The administrative assistant told us there are 80 spaces available at the mall, but only 53 retailers operating there. These days, walking around the mall, it all feels empty.

"The impact cannot be ignored," said mall owner Mike Kohan, "The impact is there. It has a negative effect."

However, he says he's not giving up on this property.

"I'm positive that I'm going to be able to replace those anchors," Kohan explained.

But every day, more shopping destinations are starting to look more deserted, and those at Toys R Us Thursday it's mostly one competitor bringing in the money.

"Last year daddy got everything on Amazon," said young Emma Haenichen.

"Amazon. That's pretty much it" Schute said.

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