Travel concerns this holiday season following TSA security failures

Travel concerns this holiday season following TSA security failures

Expect the airport to be a very busy place once holiday travel is underway for thanksgiving next week.

Airport security is once again in the spotlight.

Senator Chuck Schumer says TSA needs to address the problems it has with passenger check points and is calling for more training.

This comes after a new report handed to the House Committee on Homeland Security, detailing several instances TSA failed to find prohibited items.

Schumer reports that during undercover testing this year, TSA agents failed at least 80 percent of the time.

Undercover agents were able to get fake weapons and explosives through the check point.

Travelers at Hancock International Airport said the findings are unsettling, while others say they travel a lot and in their experience TSA is thorough.

"I love to travel and I just think that I'm the type of person who looks at things more positive than negative and so I'm not going to get on a flight expecting something bad is going to happen. I feel like everyone is doing their job, they're very professional," Trisha Taylor said.

Senator Schumer is also calling for new technology as he says terrorists are constantly adapting.

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