Travelers react to new bomb detection technology

Travelers react to new bomb detection technology

Fear has become a common thread among travelers after recent terror attacks. For neighbors flying through Syracuse International Airport, it's a thought some can't get out of their minds.

" Sometimes you're on the plane and you get a little scared because of previous attacks that we've had from terrorists," said traveler Siarra Clark.

She says the recent attempt in the New York subway was particularly alarming because it was so close to her.

"It's just really sad and unfortunate that we don't have like enough like technology so we can prevent this from happening," she continued.

But knowing that US Senator Chuck Schumer is pushing to bring next-generation bomb technology to New York gives her hope.

" To know that I'm going to go to the airport, and I'm going fly, and I want to go wherever, and to know that there's extra security just to make sure that we're gonna be safe, that makes me proud. That makes me feel like we're actually doing something or not just letting these people have these bomb attacks and stuff," she added.

Other travelers, though, are skeptical about the plan.

" I'm a little ambivalent about it because, although you welcome the additional security, it's probably going to slow things down a little bit and affect you on every trip you take," said Jerry Cardinale.

Cardinale believes terrorists will always find a way to attack those they want to hurt. But, he does agree with Siarra on:

"It's unfortunate, but I guess it's necessary," he said.

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