Troopers head up campaign to stop cop killer's parole

NY State Trooper Emerson Dillon was shot and killed on the Thruway after a 1974 jewelry store robbery in Dewitt. John Ruzas is up for parole next month and Troopers have a campaign going to keep him in prison

The man who's doing 25 to life for shooting a state trooper is up for parole in November, and State Police are asking the public to join them in letter writing against his release.

Trooper Emerson Dillon was on Thruway patrol on October 24, 1974 when he stopped a car, unaware that the occupants were on the run from a jewelry store robbery in DeWitt. He was shot by John Ruzas, who was already on parole from Attica after doing time for robberies in New York City.

Ruzas has been denied parole 11 times, and is due before the parole board week after next. Troopers are concerned that the rules have changed on granting parole, that the board is under orders to consider more than the inmate's crime, but must consider 'future focus risk assessment procedures.'

Troopers are spearheading the anti-parole campaign this time, because Dillon's widow June, who had done it over the decades, has passed away.

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If you would like to submit a comment, you can send a letter:

NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
attn: Director Janet Koupash, Office of Victim Assistance
1220 Washington Ave, BLDG 2
Albany, NY 12226

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