Tully mother says Lysander killing opens a deep wound

Debbie Taber says the details of the Lysander muder open up deep wound for her.

Debbie Taber says hearing the details of Suzie Trufonovski's brutal killing rips open a very sensitive, deep wound.

Her daughter, Autumn was killed by her boyfriend almost 5 years ago.

She was 24.

"All her goals and all her dreams were taken in 20 minutes because of some foolish coward," said Taber.

Since her daughters' death, Debbie and her husband are raising their grandson, Junior.

They work closely with Central New York organizations that work to stop domestic violence.

"It's something you'll never forget, it's something you don't realize can happen to somebody in your family. Especially your own daughter," said Taber.

She says she's accepted that nothing she does will bring Autumn back.

But each headline that tells a story of yet another victim sickens her in a way she says many won't understand.

Now, she says she wants every parent to hear her warning.

"It can happen anywhere. It can happen to anybody, I don't care if you're rich I don't care if you're poor. Just open your eyes," pleaded Taber.

A mother who lost a child, speaking out to try and save another.

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