Twins saved by Truxton Fire Department as babies now graduating high school

Twins saved by Truxton Fire Department as babies now graduating high school

Twins once saved by the Truxton Fire Department when they were just babies are now graduating from Homer High School.

With just two weeks left before graduation, Annabell and Carmela Mooney are still hard at work with calculus tests and A.P. English class.

"We have speeches to write and classes and finals to finish, but it's exciting," the Annabell Mooney said.

Annabell will graduate as Valedictorian, with her twin sister Carmela right by her side as Salutatorian.

"We decided to give a collective speech. We are going to alternate reading different paragraphs...together," the twins said.

Born one minute apart, the sisters do almost everything together, from playing tennis, joining a variety of clubs and excelling in the classroom.

"We push each other to study and stay on top of our work, she really helps me study for me tests and pushes me to do better," the twins said talking about each other.

The Mooney sisters are gracious for the support they've gotten from their family, teachers and even their local firefighters.

Born three months early, the girls had heart monitors, but when one began to malfunction, their parents called the Truxton Fire Department.

"They were just all there standing around in the kitchen as my mom said, saying oh my God what do we do," Carmela explained.

Truxton's Fire Chief Bruce Potter was one of the firefighters who responded to that call eighteen years ago and recalls the scene clearly.

"It's very unusual to have a room full of half a dozen firemen being so quiet to listen to these two little babies breath," Potter said.

The girls were breathing and had a new monitor delivered.

This past week, ahead of their 18th birthdays, the department invited their family to the station to celebrate all their success.

"They were just so thoughtful and they got us flowers and balloons, just really nice people," the Annabell said.

The Mooney sisters will walk across the stage at the Homer Central High School graduation in two weeks and then head together to Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts this fall.

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