WATCH: Two snowmobiles catch fire at gas station in Constantia

Two snowmobiles caught fire at a gas station in Constantia Saturday evening (Photo provided by Constantia Fire Department)

Crews had to extinguish a fire that burned two snowmobiles at a gas station Saturday night in the Oswego County town of Constantia.

According to the Constantia Volunteer Fire Department's Facebook page, the fire occurred at a Nice n' Easy service station on State Route 49 in Constantia around 5:30 p.m.

No one was injured in the blaze.

The fire forced the gas station's fuel pumps to close. Four out of the six were back up and running as of Sunday morning.

The fire department said it looks like the store will have to replace the front of one of the pumps.

Constantia Fire Department Lt. Greg Baird said they believe the fire was caused by static electricity during refueling one of the snowmobiles. He added that it's best to keep in contact with the vehicle you're refueling because if it separates it can generate static electricity and ignite the fuel.

Baird added that the Nice n' Easy is not that old. It opened about a year ago and was in compliance with all safety standards when it opened. The station is not equipped with a fire suppression system, but it is not required to be.

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