Upstate Medical professor falls short in Jeopardy

Rachel Fabi, Jeopardy contestant

An Upstate Medical University Professor makes another appearance on Jeopardy. She made Central New York proud during her time on the show, but came up short Tuesday night.

Rachel Fabi watched three episodes a day and practiced using a pen as a clicker. On Tuesday night, the final question was, "The title of this musical that opened in 1956 came from the last line of a nursery rhyme about a structure that spanned the Thames." Fabi answered "All Fall Down," but that was not the correct answer. She wagered $4,401 and dropped her final amount to $5,599. She first appeared on Jeopardy on Monday night.

The other two players gave the correct response of "My Fair Lady." Contestant Dana Wayne, an educator from North Hollywood, California, won the night with $26,401.

Fabi will head back to Syracuse where she is an Assistant Professor of Bioethics and Humanities at Upstate University Hospital. She holds a joint appointment in Public Health and Preventative Medicine at Upstate.

If you want to see more Jeopardy trivia, tune in on Wednesday when the All Star Weeks gets underway. Its runs February 20 through March 5.

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