Upstate trauma center offering 'Stop the Bleeding' classes

Upstate Medical Center offers "Stop the Bleeding" classes to train for mass shootings

It's a sad fact of life that mass shootings like the recent ones in Las Vegas and Texas can happen to anyone at any time.

"Nobody likes to think that a mass shooting is going to happen, but you never know," said Kim Nasby, of Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse.

In the wake of those shootings, trauma centers like the one at Upstate is offering free "Stop the Bleeding" classes.

"This program is meant to save a life. That's what it's meant for," Nasby said. "It's meant for life-threatening bleeding. If you have life-threatening bleeding, you can bleed out in a matter of minutes."

"Stop the Bleeding" classes can teach you how to use compression to save a life, be it through use of a tourniquet, guaze or even with your own hands.

Control kits containing the necessary tools are available at the classes. Instructions are also recommended for homes and businesses.

So far, more than 250 people, mainly from local schools and businesses, have taken the "Stop the Bleeding" class, but the trauma center encourages everyone to sign up.

"It's just as important for every citizen, in Onondaga County and in our region, trained on this," Nasby said. "It doesn't take long."

Nasby said the class at Upstate is free.

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