VA administrators say report gives opportunity for improvement

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After serving in war, many soldiers depend on VA hospitals for healthcare.

Quality of care for those who serve has been in question lately.

However, after a recent veterans affairs' clinical assessment, Syracuse VA administrators said they are proud of the facility.

"There are numerous dashboards that look at inpatient quality, outpatient quality, nursing home quality, So, there's a plethora of things that we are constantly looking at and striving to improve at where there is opportunity," Dr. Syed Asif Ali, chief of staff for VA Medical Center in Syracuse, said.

Doctor Ali said they have never had to deal with some of the issues that plague other VA hospitals, such as long wait times to see a doctor.

The most recent clinical assessment detailed a few issues such as patient transfer reports and who has access to the medication storage room.

"The areas that we pointed out for opportunities for improvement were mostly in the documentation aspect and not the threats to life or jeopardy issues that we've seen in the news recently," Eric Yeager, quality manager for the VA Medical Center in Syracuse, said.

Administrators said they welcome the clinical assessments.

It gives them the opportunity to course correct in order to maintain high quality of care for veterans.

The VA in Syracuse said the findings in the report never lead to any negative outcomes for patients.

The majority of issues detailed in the assessment have already been fixed.

"Ultimately, the sort of truest proof is in what veterans are saying about us. And we are one of the highest ranked VA's for patient satisfaction in the nation," Dr. Ali said.

Providing the best possible care for those who have given us so much.

You can click on the link for the full clinical assessment.

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