Vice President Pence calls Auburn steel plant a 'symbol of American comeback'

Vice President Mike Pence speaks with Rep. John Katko and steel workers at the Nucor Steel plant Tuesday in Auburn (CNYCentral Photo)

Vice President Mike Pence said the Nucor Steel plant in Auburn a strong sign of the nation's economic recovery while speaking at the facility during a visit to central New York on Tuesday.

"Steel is back in America," Pence said.

WATCH: Vice President Mike Pence's full speech in Auburn

The vice president opened his remarks by congratulating the facility on its new rolling mill, which opened just last year.

"As President Trump said, steel workers are the backbone of America," Pence said. "And he knows what he's talking about because the hardworking men and women of Cayuga County elected a builder to be president of the United States of America. This president loves men and women who know how to make things."

"Since 1974, this mill in Auburn has led the way in producing world-class rebar," Pence continued. "And as your recent expansion demonstrates under President Trump, we are forging a new American future on American steel."

Nucor Steel is a North Carolina-based company that has plants all over the country.

"Truth is, this mill is a powerful symbol. A powerful symbol of American comeback, not just in steel but in every area of our economy," Pence said. "Since the first day of this administration, President Trump and I have been working tirelessly to keep the promises he made to the American people."

Pence said the current administration was committed to reviving several of the region's industries.

"Beyond steel and aluminium, the president also made it clear that he will keep fighting for other areas of this economy here in upstate New York, particularly when it comes to dairy farmers," Pence said. "New York's dairy farmers are the best in the world and President Trump is fighting for the free and fair trade deal with Canada that puts American dairy farmers first."

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The vice president said the administration's efforts to roll back federal red tape and "unleash American energy" have helped the economy, along with the Republican tax plan, which he thanked Rep. John Katko for supporting. Pence attended a fundraiser for Katko in Syracuse prior to coming to Auburn.

"We know once these tax cuts take full effect, the average working family of four in central New York is going to save more than $2,400 a year in taxes," Pence said. "But we also cut taxes on businesses, like Nucor Steel, so that companies here in America can compete and win against companies anywhere in the world."

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