Vigil for Amber Neivel as family searches for answers

Vigil for Amber Neivel as family searches for answers

FULTON, NY -- Flowers floated in the water, near the spot where Amber Neivel's body was found.

"To have this tragedy like this in a small town it tears the community apart," said John Coleman, Pastor of the Neivel family.

Family and friends gathered to light a candle in honor of Amber. Her cousin, Veronica Ducker, said she was full of life as a kid.

"She was just a little sweetheart, so fast forward and see her kids and I'm just blown away," said Ducker.

Her family said Amber wasn't perfect, but many close to her knew her as a loving mother who always talked about her kids.

At the funeral, said Amber's Daughter, Lexy, hit home with her eulogy.

"She said, my mom was real and she loved me and her universe was her kids," added Ducker.

Lexy told us her mother is one of a kind, who had a laugh she will never forget.

"Her sending me Easter cards and birthday cards she would always put something in funny inside of it and she would always write a ton of hearts and send me money," recalled Lexy.

On top of grieving, the family still has a pile of unanswered questions, but said their faith is what gets them through this unimaginable time.

"Between the support of the community our family pulling together and just our faith in God and knowing that Amber is in a better place is kind of a relief, " said Leaha Smith, Amber's sister.

Praying to find answers about the Mysterious end to Amber's life.

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