Siblings of Fitch Street fire victims speak out at vigil

It was an emotional night on Fitch Street as family and friends came together to remember one-year-old Hunter who died in the fire.

It was an emotional night on Fitch Street as family and friends came together to remember one-year-old Hunter, who died in a fire one day prior.

Siblings from the family spoke out during the vigil Friday night.

"I see I lost everything my family lost everything my son lost everything the only thing I had were the clothes on my back that day,” Roseanne Dubois said.

Roseanne and Minnie DuBois were not home when the fire started. They said they are in shock.

"We're trying to hold it together were really trying to hold it together this is one of the hardest things we've ever had to go through ever, and we've been through a lot,” Minnie Dubois said.

The two girls have spent most of their time since the fire at the hospital. They said their mother Sue Wagner gave them signs today while they stood next to her hospital bed.

"She grabbed our hands she was moving her fingers,” Rosanne said.

Everyone who knows Sue said she is not only an amazing mother to her kids, but to everyone in the neighborhood.

"It means a lot to have so many people to come together to show their support for this family - she was so strong, she took care of everybody around here," a cousin Valerie Thompson said.

"Our family was known around here a lot more than we actually thought so it's nice to see that everyone actually showed up and everyone really cares and who considered my mom their mom," Minnie said.

As many friends and family gathered around the house that was once full of life, they laid down stuffed animals, candles and pictures to remember the good times.

"My daughter brought a cow and we brought candles from our church so people could light them," friend Peggy Knapp said.

"I gave up my dog that I had for a very long time he's a stuffed animal I've had him for five years it's sad, but I wanted to give it to them,” Arianna Priola said.

The family wants everyone to know how much they appreciate the love and support that was shown Friday night.

People looking to donate to the family can click here.

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