Vigil to End Violence Planned in Syracuse

Vigil planned after Midland Ave. shooting

In light of the violence from Thursday night’s shooting, a city prayer vigil will be held at the corner of Onondaga Avenue and Tallman Avenue at 6:30 Friday night.

Organizers say they want to gather to support families of the victims on Midland avenue and to take a stand, calling for an end to the violence.

Neighbors on Midland Avenue were upset and saddened by the shooting.

Many say they are still trying to process what happened.

Neighbor, Sincere Beauford, said "It’s tragic, my prayers go out to the family and everybody that was injured. It’s crazy I don’t feel like it safe here no more. I don’t know why people did what they did. They didn’t have to get any kids involved, they could’ve handled it a different way."

Anyone is welcome to join the gathering and help spread the message that the violence needs to end.

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