Village stunned after two people killed, one injured in shooting

Village stunned after two people killed, one injured in shooting

The village of Waterloo is stunned after two people were killed and one was injured in a shooting. Some people say they can’t get it out of their minds and the people who knew the victims can’t believe it happened in Waterloo.

The Lizards Tailgator Lounge is about a block away from where it happened. The owner, Scott Trickler, said he knew the victims and that they were very kind to him.

“It’s a sad, sad day for Waterloo and all of the families that were involved and I just feel for them,” Trickler said. “It’s unreal. It doesn’t happen in a small town, Waterloo.”

Just next door to Joan Richardson, there is crime scene tape and state troopers on the scene.

“A gal I’ve known for 40 years that I’ve known that’s been injured the love of her life that has died,” Richardson said.

Richardson told CNYCentral that the surviving victim and the man who died lived in an apartment on North Virginia Street. Richardson said neighbors didn't hear anything Tuesday night.

One other neighbor said she knew the suspect and that despite his extensive criminal history, she found him to be helpful. She told CNYCentral he stayed with her when she was scared someone was threatening her store.

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