Volunteers needed to watch Syracuse falcon babies

There are at least 2 baby peregrine falcons in the State Tower Building nest box this year. There's a call for volunteers to watch them when they start flying (Photo by Tom Durr)

There are at least two baby peregrine falcons, in the nest box on Syracuse's State Tower Building, and plans are being made to keep them safe, as they start to fly.

The babies are called eyasses, until they fledge, or leave the nest. It's expected they will be banded by the DEC, with identifying leg bands, before they fly.

Susan Wrisley is organizing the Syracuse Fledge Watch, calling on people to volunteer for two hour shifts, from 7am to 9pm (daylight hours) to watch the babies from downtown Syracuse locations. It involves being able to run, in case watchers lose sight of the fledges, to make sure they don't end up injured, or in the street.

Sue plans a meeting next week to explain and give out information handouts. If you'd like more information, you can contact her at (315) 212-9650.

(There are no nest box cameras at the State Tower Building this year, because of the change of ownership. The picture was taken from St. Joseph's Hospital by Tom Durr)

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