Warmest day in 2 months today, longest stretch of 60s since October!


As expected, the weather was bright, sunny and milder! Saturday's high temperature got to 54 degrees & Sunday's high got to 60 degrees in Syracuse. That was the first time Syracuse has hit 60 degrees since February 28th.

Coming up, our weather will be even warmer this afternoon! This is the day that you've been waiting for with sunny skies and high temperatures well into the middle to upper 60s. In fact, it is possible that the high temperatures may approach 70 degrees in a few spots late this afternoon! With that type of high temperature, today will be the warmest day in 2 months! I have attached to this web story your drive-time forecast:

Our mild weather should continue through Tuesday, as well. Expect filtered sunshine Tuesday to give way to increasing and thickening clouds. However, enough sunshine and a southerly breeze should be enough for Syracuse and much of CNY to reach the 60s for the 3rd consecutive day!

Attached to this web story, you will see a graphic that shows you that it has been about 2 months since back-to-back 60 degrees days and that it has been about 6 months since we have had 3 days in a row with a high temperature in Syracuse of 60 degrees or higher. The last time Syracuse received 3 or more straight days of 60 degrees or higher was during October when we had 8 consecutive days of highs 60 degrees or higher.

As I was driving around our area, I saw many people doing some spring cleanup yard work. With great weather today and still dry & mild weather Tuesday, you've got more opportunities to get outside and work on your yard if would like. By Wednesday, the weather will not be cooperative for spring clean up for yard work. I have attached a new weather graphic for spring clean up yard work to this web story.

How have you and your kids enjoyed the weather outside this weekend? What will you and your kids do today outside? Post a picture or video here on our Burst App. We may show your pictures or videos online or on TV!

To get even more specifics about your forecast hour-by-hour and place-by-place watch NBC3 and CBS5 and folllow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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