Warrant affidavit reveals the nature of Rodriguez & Frisina's relationship

Rian Rodriguez, 27/MGN Online

A warrant affidavit obtained from the Columbia County Sheriff's office in Florida, reveals that Rian Rodriguez and Caitlyn Frisina had exchanged messages of a sexual nature.

The document also reveals how prior to leaving Florida, Frisina was "scared and she didn't know what to do."

Frisina was unsure how to get out of leaving with Rodriguez, and if she did, Rodriguez "would mess up her life," according to the document.

She had performed a factory reset on her phone and left it in her bedroom prior to leaving her house with Rodriguez.

Her father was able to place her phone's sim card into an old phone, and recover messages between Frisina and Rodriguez on Snapchat.

The Snapchat messages were of a sexual nature, and referred to Rodriguez's genitals.

A School Resource Officer at Frisina's school, told the sheriff's office that they had handled a rumor that Rodriguez and Frisina were in a relationship in August, but it was later concluded to be a false allegation.

According to the Columbia County Sheriff's office, deputies discovered on Monday November 27, that Rodriguez had used a credit card to make purchases in Hardeeville and St. George, South Carolina.

Rodriguez and Frisina were spotted and stopped by New York State Police on South Bay Road in North Syracuse on Friday.

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