WATCH: Dash cam video released of dangerous hijacked tow truck chase through Syracuse

Christopher Ricks lights cigarette as police chase him in November 2017 (Courtesy: Onondaga County District Attorney's Office).

Just one day after sentencing, prosecutors have released dash cam video from a 2017 Syracuse police chase involving a stolen tow truck that would injure several people and cause $50,000 in damage.

Many of the dash cam videos are from the stolen AAA truck that show Christopher Ricks driving through the city as police chased him in early November 2017.


The videos are part of a PowerPoint presentation released to CNYCentral by the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office that also includes video from police cruisers and surveillance video from businesses in the path of the chase.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Shaun Chase says the AAA tow truck was equipped with both an exterior and interior dashboard camera system that was activated when Ricks would speed up or brake suddenly

At times, you can hear Ricks listening to music loudly on the radio. Other times, you see him smoking and waving to the police.

Building surveillance shows Ricks ram into a police car that tried to slow him down in a parking lot, as well as another car, unknowingly, turning into the trucks path.

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Investigators say officers shot at Ricks four different times during the pursuit. Several of the videos capture the officers firing their guns. Ricks was shot once in his lower body and required surgery.

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In the final video, Ricks can be seen barreling through a parking lot hitting anything in his path. A short time later, Ricks looks to make a run for it before being tackled by officers.

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In total, at least nine civilian vehicles were damaged as well as two fire trucks and six patrol units between the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office and Syracuse Police Department.

At least four people were injured during the pursuit; three law enforcement officers, one from the Syracuse Police Department and two from the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office, and at least one bystander.

Shortly after Ricks’ arrest, Onondaga County Sheriff Eugene Conway said that Ricks told investigators he had been having a "hard time" since leaving the Onondaga County Justice Center in 2016, and had been asked to leave the Rescue Mission, which had been offering him assistance.

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Sheriff Conway said that is what apparently led to the theft of the AAA tow truck while it was assisting a motorist on Townsend Street on November 6, 2017. Ricks indicated he saw the door of the tow truck ajar and saw the opportunity to take it, according to Conway.

The evidence clearly demonstrates the tremendous risk Mr. Rick’s conduct posed to the community in general and to the specific law enforcement officers responding to the incident. The video clips also capture portions of each instance where a police officer discharged his/her firearm. Each of these officers testified before the Grand Jury, and the Grand Jury determined their actions were lawful and appropriate under the circumstances. It should be noted this incident happened one week after a terrorist utilized a rented pick-up truck to plow into a crowded NYC bike path, killing eight people and injuring numerous others. - Onondaga County District Attorney's Office

Ricks pleaded guilty in January 2019 and was sentenced on Wednesday to 24 years in prison.

During sentencing, Ricks apologized, and the judge said it was only by the grace of God that no one was killed.

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