WATCH: Will next Syracuse Mayor hire more police?

Whomever Syracuse's next Mayor is will have the opportunity to hire at least 60 police officers on their first day in office (CNYCentral.)

Syracuse's next Mayor will have the opportunity to add to the cities police force if they so choose, but the question is, will they?

Syracuse currently has 420 police officers with the ability to fund 465 positions, according to Alexander Marion, a spokesperson for the Mayor's office.

In July, the common council included money for 15 additional officers, which brings the possible threshold to 480 eligible positions.

Lack of officers recently came into question after 30-year-old Allen Rufus was shot on the north side. Rufus called police prior to the shooting, telling 911 dispatchers he felt "unsafe" according to members of his family. However, officers were not dispatched to the scene until Rufus was shot, his family said.

All four mayoral candidates were asked if they would hire more police officers if elected.

Below are excerpts of their responses.

"We have existing resources in place to add more officers. We should do just that," Ben Walsh, (I), said. "As we go into the budgeting session next year, we will need to prioritize."

"I am for more officers and I am going to make sure we fund the positions that are open," Juanita Perez Williams, (D), said. "But I would also like to see officers out there in front of crime before it happens, knowing the neighborhood, knowing what's happening."

"I am not necessarily calling for more officers," Howie Hawkins (G), said. "I will review staffing and approach with the Police Chief when I am elected. I want us to shift to more community policing. "

"We need more police officers," Laura Lavine (R), said. "We need true community policing. We need police officers who are trained. Who are professionally developed so they know how to go into neighborhoods, establish rapport and relationships with our residents."

Election day is Tuesday November 7th.

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