Watching the storm safely from Central New York

We found some Central New Yorkers at Kitty Hoyne's Irish Pub who were safely watching coverage of Hurricane Irma, wondering how much damage it'll do.

Central New Yorkers out Friday night said while they were enjoying a night out, their minds were constantly shifting to the storm zone down south.

Russell Dombro is a Syracuse native, but he lived in Florida and weathered big storms like Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

"I sat there for close to a day with 120, 130 mile-an-hour winds just rattling my house and spending the whole time wondering 'is my roof coming off?'" said Dombro.

He's been glued to the TV watching the radar for Hurricane Irma and feeling nervous.

"I've got all these friends who I'm keeping in touch with and they're all over Florida all over the Southeast just trying to get out of town," he said.

"We've been pretty much watching everyday updates from the news and all different news channels actually," said Jennifer Harrington.

Coincidentally, Syracuse now tops the list of a new study as the safest place from a natural disaster. Some say suddenly a central New York winter doesn't seem that bad.

"I've said that for a very long time. You can shovel snow but what they're going through down South? Now I never want any part of it," said Michelle Doucette.

"We have a lot of snow but you can move it. You can push it out of the way. You can put it somewhere, and then you can get to work. Down there it's totally different. It all just rises and all your belongings are lost. Snow doesn't come inside your house you know. Water does," said Katie Brenon.

Meantime, Russell said he's glad to be in a safe spot.

"If that's what the data says, I'm in the safest place in the country from natural disasters, love it. Absolutely love it," he said.

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