Water main break impacts Eastwood, Northside

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A water main break is affecting businesses and residents on the Northside of Syracuse.

The Syracuse Water Department says a 16-inch crosstown feeder was affected along the 300 block of North Beech Street. City Officials say North Beech is closed from Burnet Avenue to Hawley Avenue while repairs are being completed.

According to officials, the Northside and Eastwood areas may have no water or low water pressure. Until the repair is completed, the city will move water from another pressure district to the affected area on the Northeast side to maintain water service.

CNY Works notified CNYCentral that it is shutting down for the day because of the break. Our CNYCentral studios on James Street were also impacted by the break and are without water.

City officials say while flooding on N. Beech Street has receded, several properties in the area were affected. The Syracuse Fire Department and The Red Cross are assisting impacted residents.

Officials say repairs to the waterlines may take up to 24 hours and it may take six to seven hours for residents to get their water back. After water repairs have been completed, the city can begin road repairs.

Mayor Ben Walsh said the stretch of Beech Street affected is on the city's list to receive a full reconstruction.

"This is a stark reminder for infrastructure challenges we have here in Syracuse, and far beyond just Syracuse, so we're focusing on addressing them,” Walsh said. “This stretch of Beech Street is actually on our list to receive a full reconstruction and water main replacement next year."

Carmen Atilano saw significant flooding in her basement on North Beech Street in Syracuse.

"All the water was coming in from the walls and the pipes and everything. We were just trying to get everything in and out of the water but it was just too late." Josue Lebron said.

In Lebron and Atilano's basement everything was dug up, there were pipes everywhere.

Lebron said city water crews were at his home on December 5 to diagnose a plumbing problem.

While doing this Lebron says in the process, crews uncovered an even bigger problem under North Beech Street.

"And it just exploded. Everything just running water, running water it was like a river. And a lot of water, a total mess," Lebron said.

The impact appears to be the most significant in the immediate area near the break.

When Nikole Summers tried to turn on her tap, no water came out of the faucet.

Summers has 5 children and says she is frustrated.

"I can't bathe them now. They have school tomorrow I got a middle schooler. It's ridiculous we can't use the toilet. We haven't been able to flush the toilet all day," Summers said.

Crews worked throughout the day Wednesday to fix this break, but the city tells us it could take 24 hours.

This means some neighbors could wait until midday Thursday to be back online.

"I don't know what else to do, I have no water. I've never had to suffer through this," Summers said.

Stay with for updates on this developing story.

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