Syracuse publicly posting results of water tests amid algal blooms in Skaneateles Lake

Algae in Skaneateles Lake

Amidst the algal blooms on Skaneateles Lake, results of the Water Department's tests will be posted publicly online on DataCuse, the city's open data portal, according to Mayor Stephanie Miner.

The lake serves as a source of drinking water for the city of Syracuse. Over the weekend the town of Skaneateles said that a potentially toxic strain of blue green algae had been confirmed on Skaneateles Lake; on Tuesday, officials said samples of water taken from the lake had some toxins within them, but said the levels were not high enough to make the water unsafe to consume.

The first post of the results was made Wednesday morning. The city is posting results of water testing here.

“We continue to perform regular testing of Skaneateles Lake water to determine the impact of any algae blooms on the city’s water supply,” Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner said. “We work with our partners in other government agencies to test for toxicity in the water. Making sure this information is public and transparent is our priority.”

The city is testing for algae cell counts and blooms daily, and the county and state Departments of Health are working to determine the toxicity levels in the water, according to the mayor's office. Miner says the city plans to issue daily updates with agency partners.

Blue green algae, which can be harmful if consumed or contacted, has been reported at several area waterways in central New York throughout the summer, causing the closures of beaches at times, including Oneida Shores Beach and Sylvan Beach.

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