Wegmans pulls Four Loko from store shelves

Four Loko has been making headlines around the country , and now one local grocery store chain is taking action.

Wegmans has pulled the controversial drink from its shelves, releasing the following statement:

"At the time that we brought Four Loko into our stores, we thought it would provide an interesting choice for our customers. But recent media attention caused us to review how these items fit into our overall beer category strategy. We decided that we would best serve our customers by keeping our focus on traditional beer and flavored malt beverages. It simply seems like the right thing to do," said spokesperson Jeanne Colleluori.

Four Loko has quadruple the alcohol content of some types of beer, but the makers of it and other caffeine-laced drinks say their beverages are no worse than a scotch and soda or an Irish coffee. However, the State Liquor Authority would like to see the drink banned all together , along with other alcoholic energy drinks.

CNY Central checked with Tops Markets and Price Chopper to see if their policies on Four Loko are changing. Price Chopper says it does not carry Four Loko.

Tops says it is also pulling all alcoholic energy drinks off its shelves, including Four Loko. Tops says the drinks will be off the shelves in 24 hours as a precautionary measure, and the drinks are being treated like a product recall.

On the SU Hill, students say Four Loko is now the staple of a college party -- but the reaction is mixed.

"If I want to drink a Four Loko, I want to drink a Four Loko," says senior Raffy Ganimian, "Just because some freshman can't handle themselves and passes out and has to go to the hospital doesn't dictate what I should be able and not be able to purchase."

"They're there to sell their quality products, said senior Tony Cavallo ,"If they want to take the high road and not sell us Four Loko then props to them, good for them to stand up for themselves and be against it."

Meanwhile, the Prevention Network is glad to see Wegmans and Tops taking action, commending the stores for looking at the bigger picture and not just their bottom line.

"The fact that they recognize that and are not just in it for the buck makes a huge statement and makes prevention agencies like ours really, really excited," said Beth Hurny.

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