What is fresh in the mind at age 106? Kay West knows

Kay West

What does it feel like to be 106 years old? Kay West responded, “pretty good,” which will no doubt come as great comfort to many people – although few of us are likely to reach that milestone.

West was born October 3, 1912. Had they lived, other people who would be turning 106 this year include chef Julia Child, former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson, and entertainer Perry Como.

“I loved to dance,” West said when she was asked to reflect on the memories that are fresh in her mind from her long life. “I still do. They think I’m too old now, but they’ve got another thing coming,” she added with a wink.

West lives at Loretto’s Buckley Landing facility in North Syracuse where the staff and residents held a party in her honor. “Other residents are always watching out for her and are always wondering what she will say next with her sharp wit. We hope next year we are here celebrating her 107th birthday,” said Kim Staiger, the administrator at Buckley Landing.

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