What spiked gases prices could mean for small businesses in CNY

What spiked gases prices could mean for small businesses in CNY

CICERO, NY -- Gas prices are still on the rise locally due to Harvey storm damage to refineries in Texas.

According to gas, in Syracuse, when Harvey hit almost 2 weeks ago on August 25th. The average gas price was just $2.32.

A week later, gas prices spiked up to around $2.59 on average, which is a 27 cent rise. Prices continue to climb, the average price is $2.74, the highest it's been in 2 years.

The spike in prices aren't just a problem for drivers, but also local businesses. One local pizza shop owner says says it's becoming a concern.

When you take the drive to fill your tank, lately it's higher than you want to see.

"I think it's kind of crazy a little bit, I mean in the last week we are seeing how bad it is," said Antonio Nicastri.

Antonio Nicastri owns this local pizza shop in Cicero and said he's worried these costly prices will affect his pizza shop.

His delivery drivers get paid minimum wage and use their own money to fill up the tank.

Nicastri has heard complaints from his employees about how much they're spending while on the job.

"Two of my kids already said Antonio it used to take 20 dollars to fill up my gas tank but now it's way more and right now I say let's see what happens," added Nicastri.

He said it's hard enough for a small business to compete. Nicastri doesn't charge a delivery fee, but said that could change if gas prices continue to rise.

"Eventually we might have to charge a little something for a delivery fee because right now it's becoming a little bit of a problem.

He hopes it doesn't go in that direction so his customers and drivers don't have to pay more.

"They relay on the tip and I think it's scaring them a little bit because if they were used to delivering all week with 30 dollars now it's going to take them 40-45 dollars to do their jobs," explained Nicastri.

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