What you can do with your unwanted clothes

What you can do with your unwanted clothes

Spring has sprung and it's time to open the windows and start to clean.

One of the most daunting places to tackle spring cleaning can be your closet.

But before you think about throwing away your clothes there's a way to help out the environment and recycle those that might have stains or rips.

According to OCRRA, 5% of our trash is made up of textiles

We stopped in at the Rescue Mission Donation Redistribution Center where you can find all sorts of donated items.

But we focused on a special machine that helps workers sort through piles of cloths to see if they're in good condition, then it gets put on hangers to be sold at one of their thrift stores.

The ones that have stains, rips or broken buttons get dumped in on the conveyor belt, tied into a mound and shipped off to be recycled even further.

"They can be made into wiping rags which are used in and dressed real applications for cleaning and they can also be made into fiber filled which is something that you find in filled which is something that you find in carpet padding or insulation," Kristen Lawton, OCRRA explained.

The center says most people are unaware of this process and the many ways it helps the community.

"We are feeding and help trying to end hunger and homelessness in our community, they are just amazed and they want to go home and tell their friends to not prejudge the clothing to just give it to the rescue mission or any other organization that can utilize this type of thing without concern for what the condition is," Christin Mixon Merchandising Manager for Rescue Mission.

First quarter of the calendar year, the distribution center told me they put 600 tons of clothing in the bails that get shipped off and another 300 tons was sold at their thrift store.

All you need to remember is you can donate any type of clothing, accessory or shoes as long as it's clean and dry condition.

There are 16 rescue mission thrift stores as well as donation drop off bins at some Wegmans.

You can also go to places like Salvation Army and other charitable organization in our area by clicking here.

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