What your $6 or $3 ticket can get you on the State Fair's dollar attendance days

Photo by Chris Barbera

The New York State Fair announced several new "special" days featuring $1 admission for fairgoers Tuesday.

Everyone can attend for $1 on Wednesday or Thursday as a reward for the record-breaking attendance set on Sunday. In addition, throughout the rest of the Fair college students, people presenting ticket stubs from Oswego Speedway or Watkins Glen International, will be able to get a ticket for just $1 (there are also several other promotional days where select attendees can get into the Fair for just $1).

The question for people who ordered tickets in advance is "What does my $6 (or $3) ticket do for me now?"

State Fair officials say there's no need to fret if you're in this category. Fairgoers eligible for $1 attendance can use a $6 ticket to get themselves and five other people into the Fair (for a total of six people). The same applies to a $3 ticket; you'll be able to get yourself and two other people into the Fair with that ticket (a total of three people).

The catch: all of the ticket's value must be used on the same day in one shot, so be sure to round up your friends if you want to take full advantage of your ticket.

If all else fails, Fair officials say you can save your tickets for the 2018 Fair - they will still be valid.

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