What's the deal with all the bugs swarming around CNY?

SUNY ESF Extension Entomologist Kim Adams holds up a vile of flying ants.

SYRACUSE, N.Y.---There's been buzzing around central new york...In people's yards and on cars and houses.

We heard from lots of people today, wondering what these guys are and why there's so many.

"Like a swarm but you know not too deep of a, what looked like a group of like flying ants, a little bit larger than flies smaller than bees," said John Peterson, who lives near Syracuse University.

SUNY ESF Entomologist Kim Adams says the bent antennae suggest it's a winged ant.

"It's kind of a cool thing to witness if you don't mind ants! but yeah, they're not going to infest your home they're not going to bite you they're not going to sting you. They're sole purpose in life right now is to mate," she explained.

While some Central New Yorkers say it just made a big mess on their car or on their house, experts tell us it's actually a front-row seat to a very natural life process.

"They've decided that they can reproduce, which we call a swarm, because they will frequently just cloud out of that no so you have just the expansion of these reproductives that are winged ants," said Adams.

After mating, the males die and the females chew their wings off -- a natural part of the mating process.

While some have worried about why they're all out at the same time, Adams says that's essential.

This only happens in late summer and early fall around here.

"They need to come out at the same time kind of like our mayflies in the spring. They need to come out at the same time to find a mate," continued Adams.

If you're not too grossed out, Adams says it's a treat to watch-if you don't bug-out, that is.

"Once I saw the first, first group of them I was definitely intrigued for a while," remembered Peterson.

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