Why do we stock up on bread, milk and eggs when snow is in the forecast?

Psychologists say there's a reason we buy perishable products like bread, milk and eggs when we could be buying more practical items if we truly were going to be stuck for a long time (CNYCentral).

With heavy snow forecasted for parts of Central New York this weekend, the mad dash for supplies is underway.

“Bread, cereals, pastas, things that people can really do a lot of things with,” said Evelyn Ingram with Wegmans. “So, we make sure that we have the inventory necessary to meet these customer demands. "

Ingram says they make sure to stay stocked with those essentials as well as firewood, salt and batteries.

“I'm picking up some things that I would not normally pick up,” said Patricia Altro, of Baldwinsville, who is planning to make risotto during the weekend storm.

“You got to eat, you might as well eat well!"

Psychologists say there’s a reason for the rush to the grocery store for bread, milk and eggs when bad weather is on the way.

Psychotherapist Lisa Brateman says we make these decisions emotionally, thinking we need to stock up at the store, when, in reality, we buy impractical items or more than we need, because food is the only thing we can control.

“You can't control the snowstorm. You can't control how the city is going to clean it up, but what you can control is buying food, buying supplies, buying the things you think you'll need,” Brateman said.

She says we should challenges ourselves to get items that have some longevity in the pantry so that spending money on a few extra items will still make sense after the storm.

“Many of the things that people buy, for example, are perishables, like milk and bread and eggs. Things that if you're really stuck for a long time aren't going to last anyway. But, there's something comforting in doing that."

Bratemen says there's a simple question you can ask yourself at the store: Do I need this? Or is this just a pre-snowstorm panic?

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