Woman charged after three girls were alone during house fire in Troy


"A little girl came running over, knocking on my door screaming,” said Troy resident Wayne Brant.

Brant’s wife Beth added, "they said that mommy wasn't home."

It was a terrifying situation for three young children Sunday morning. Their house went up in flames, and no adults were home to help.

"First arriving companies found heavy fire went through the building,” said Troy Fire Chief Tom Garrett.

Police say the girls, ages nine, eight and three were left all alone inside.

"We believe that they had something to do with the fire," Garrett said.

They all made it out safely, and police are thanking a passerby who helped.

The children's mother, 27 year old Charlyce Cherry, has been arrested and charged with three counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Neighbors say they see the kids left unattended often.

"I've never seen the mother. I see the kids climbing in and out of the window to play in the snow,” Brant said.

Police say Child protective Services is now investigating.

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