Woman mourns sister who was one of 3 with ties to OCC killed in car crash

Woman mourns sister after deadly crash

A car crash took three lives early Friday morning, after police say a drunk driver ran a red light and hit a car with 19-year-old Baylie Rose, 18-year-old Michael Walker, and 20-year-old Samra Osmanovic inside.

“We just panicked," Sadeta Osmanovic said about her family’s reaction when they heard the news.

Osmanovic lost her 20-year-old sister, Samra, just 10 days after having lost their mother to brain cancer.

"To lose another member that kept us all strong and brought us joy and everything during the hardest time of our life,” Osmanovic said, “you can't express into words what you feel at that moment."

She said Samra was the glue that kept the family together.

"Samra and I took care of each other," she said.

Now, Osmanovic feels anger toward the driver who left the car her sister was riding in looking crumbled, and her family shattered.

"We've heard he has two kids of his own. So what if those were your two kids? What would you do?” she asked.

Those are questions stemming from the frustration that the driver was intoxicated and tried to run.

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However, Osmanovic is choosing to focus on sharing her sister's message of love, perseverance and honor as best as she can. Samra had meningitis and got her arms and legs surgically removed when she was just four years old. She had prosthetics and was often in a wheelchair, but she didn't let that define her.

"When she put her mind to something, you knew that was going to be accomplished, and there was no way around that," Osmanovic said.

She added the friends in the car with her sister that night loved her for who she was, and always took care of her — just as much as she took care of them.

"She loved people and people loved her,” Osmanovic said. “They never saw her for her disability. They saw Samra for the person she was.”

Something that gives Osmanovic some piece of mind is thinking that her sister is resting in peace with her mother.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for funeral costs.

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