Woman raising money for air conditioners to help neighbors

Woman raising money for air conditioners to help neighbors 'cool off'

"It just gets so hot in the summertime and sometimes upwards of 100 degrees," Monica Johnson said.

Temperatures are on the rise in the Central New York Area, and Johnson is hoping to change the way her neighbors beat the heat.

"I've been in a couple apartments that don't have air conditioning here, and it is sweltering, it is sweltering," Johnson said. "I cannot let people live like that and I had to do something."

With the help of her sister and friends "Monica's Cool Air Fund" was created. It is a GoFundMe page to raise money to install air conditioning systems for her neighbors who don't have one.

"We started out with five people who needed air conditioners, and I've raised funding for two, and we're looking for three more for 1500 dollars," Johnson said.

The units needed are more expensive. They're installed through the wall and are about $500 per system.

"Regular through the window AC units are $100 or $200 a piece, but these do not start out that inexpensive. Unfortunately, these people cannot afford that. It's just a luxury they cannot afford," Johnson said.

The residents at St. David Court Apartments in East Syracuse need more care and attention as most are living with disabilities, including Johnson. She went blind when she was 29-years-old from diabetes, but she doesn't let that define her. She feels she's been called to help those around her.

"I may not be able to change everything, but at least I can change my little corner of the world or part of the community here, I've made improvements, and in that part, I have changed the world," she said.

Anyone looking to donate to "Monica's Cool Air Fund" can click here.

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