Syracuse woman reflects on meeting with late President George H.W. Bush, his legacy

Ruth Colvin was good friends with Barbara Bush, and met her husband, 41.

102-year-old Ruth Colvin looked on at the TV Wednesday, compelled like so many others as the nation says goodbye to its 41st president.

She had the rare honor of meeting him once though she can't remember where.

"It was quick you know, introduced and quickly went on, but you don't very often get the honor of shaking hands or meeting the President of the United States," explained Colvin. "He made me for the one minute that he hand my hand, to let me know I was a friend of Barbara Bush's and I was a friend of his. That's the important thing."

She also had a close friendship with his wife, the late Barbara Bush. The two bonded over their work in world literacy.

"As I thought of her this morning when I heard he had passed, I thought about her, too."

Colvin got the Medal of Freedom for her efforts, placed around her neck by their son, George W. Bush, nearly 12 years ago.

Today, she is thankful for all the memories with the Bush family.

"How fortunate we are though to have had a President like that, who shared his life, he shared his family, and I think it inspired me to go on, to keep going."

A lasting legacy she hopes will remind everyone to be their best and be thankful for this country.

"The men and women in all of our government, I'm sure will be re-inspired to give their best to the country too," said Colvin.

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