Woman speaks out after her car got totaled during high-speed chase

Martha Chavis Bonner's car was totaled after being hit by a stolen AAA truck.

It was the chase that had everyone talking, after a man stole a AAA truck and raced around the city of Syracuse.

He crashed, but not before ramming into several parked cars.

Martha Chavis Bonner's car was one of them. Now it's sitting in the TNT Towing lot.

She's called AAA and says they told her they won't pay for the damage.

"This is four and five days that I've been calling, getting down to who is supposed to help me with my car. Finally I get to the people and you tell me you refusing to help me," Bonner said.

Bonner says she feels it's the company's fault because the AAA worker left the tow truck running when the suspect jumped in and stole it.

"Everybody knows you don't leave keys in your car. Young, old, whoever, you lock your car, especially when you're doing a job like AAA," Bonner said.

Bonner says she and her husband shared the now totaled car, and they're now left without one.

"I'm catching the bus to go downtown and take care of my business, and it's about to be wintertime, I just had my car winterized, and its gone," Bonner explained, "he's riding his bike seven miles to work. Seven miles and he's 61 years old."

Today she had to take a cab home from a doctors appointment.

We did reach out to AAA for comment. They say the vehicle was taken and driven without their permission, and that they can't comment further while this investigation continues.

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