WTVH temporarily out of service

The over-the-air broadcast transmitter for WTVH CBS5 is temporarily out of service. Our engineers are working on the problem and we hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. We know many viewers are frustrated with the recent outages on WTVH.

CNY Central CEO and President says, "The interruptions to WTVH broadcasts have been frustrating to us at CNY Central as well. It is true that the number of instances have been more than what you would expect. I can tell you that they are completely unrelated to the fact that CNY Central took over operation of WTVH. Both the WSTM and WTVH transmitters are about the same age and receive the exact same amount of care and preventative maintenance. As with any high-powered machinery that operates around the clock, there are sometimes failures. WTVH has had more than its fair share. We deeply regret the disruption that these failures cause our viewers. We work around the clock to get the signal back up during an outage.

We learned last night that the IOT tube, a very important transmitter component, failed. Inexplicably, this tube was installed just three weeks ago as a preventative measure. Typically a tube like this would last 5-8 years. We are having one sent overnight and will install it Friday. If all goes well, we will be back on the air Friday afternoon."

Meanwhile, WTVH programming is available on our digital channel 3.3 and most CBS primetime programming is available to stream on .

We will post updates here as our team assesses the situation and works to fix it. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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