WWII army nurse looks back at her service

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This year, women in the military is the focus of Central New York's veteran's day parade and expo.

"The largest American hospital in the United Kingdom," Phyllis Creamer said.

Phyllis Creamer, 96, was one of nearly 90 American nurses that headed to England to care for wounded soldiers as the Nazis bombed the country.

"They set up Quonset huts. In the Quonset huts were 49 cots. One after, one after, one after times a lot of the little places that we could admit people," Creamer said.

In 1943, Phyllis was a member of the 160th General Medical Corps serving at a US Army hospital.

She said they did not get much time off and worked many busy hours.

"I worked most of my nurses training applied but applied in a very busy way. Cause I didn't have time to get too sympathetic," Creamer said.

She recalls long days when the ward was full of injured soldiers.

One day in particular, she said almost 2,000 patients went through.

"As people were admitted from the battle fields. We did triage, triage, triage," Creamer said. "They did magnificent, primitive - looking at hearts. There were two physicians there, they were magnificent."

Phyllis is one of the grand marshals for this year's veteran's parade and expo at the New York State fairgrounds.

She appreciates the honor but is quick to say she was just doing her job.

"When they needed us we were there," Creamer said.

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